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      智慧大講壇:The Role of Big Data in Data Science Education and Research(大數據在數據科學教育研究中的作用)

      發布時間:2019年04月16日 12:46
      作者:     編輯:科研處

      智慧大講壇: The Role of Big Data in Data Science Education and Research(大數據在數據科學教育研究中的作用)

      題 目:The Role of Big Data in Data Science Education and Research(大數據在數據科學教育研究中的作用)

      時 間:2019年4月19日(星期五)上午10:30-12:00

      地 點:圖書館906會議室

      報告人:龐韶寧(Paul S. Pang)教授,新西蘭國立理工學院交叉科學應用技術研究院常務副院長、計算機系終身教授、重慶科技學院“巴渝海外引智計劃”特聘教授


      Data science deals with the processes and systems that are used to extract values from data and serve the society. Today, it has far reaching implications in many fields including both academic and industry research domains. This talk shares professional understanding of data and world digitalization, discusses the scope of data science (DS), and interpolates Big Data with reference to Artificial Intelligence (AI), through which we identify a range of critical issues that educators need to consider applying Big Data to data science education, and researchers need to attend on the Big Data integration.


      Dr Paul Pang is a Professor of Data Analytics, the Director of Center for Computational Intelligence for Cybersecurity, and Center for Computational Intelligence for Environmental Engineering at the Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. His main research areas are applied data analytics, AI for Cybersecurity and smart environment. He has unique hands-on experience of data/business analytics for telecommunication, health, Cybersecurity, environment, milk, winery, and finance industries. His expertise covers the complete lifecycle of data, which consists of data integration, governance, analytics and visualization/interpolation. Professor Pang is a Global Judge for the 2018 AI Summit London, a Lead Guest Editor of Computational Intelligence journal Wiley-Blackwell and the Sensors journal MDPI, the Event Editor of Neural Networks journal Elsevier, and a Senior Member of IEEE. He has served Chair, Co-chair and Committee Member/Track Chair of numerous international conferences, including as the founding Chair of International Cybersecurity Data Mining Competition (www.csmining.org), and recently as the General Chair for the 11th International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking (IMU2018).

      主辦單位:智能技術與工程學院 發布單位:科研處


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